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Standard Double


Standard Double

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Comfortable queen bedded design Standard rooms offer 2 types of accommodation. A room on a hotel summer terrace with patio, or a room with kitchenette and whirlpool in dependency building.

Terrace rooms offer direct access to fresh air and are very convenient for smokers, business travellers or those who are looking for cost effective accommodation in a 5 star property.

All rooms in dependency building have fully equipped kitchenette and therefore are very suitable for longer stays, for families with children or for those seeking apartment with services of 5 star hotels.

1.Accommodation may be reserved by members, either for their personal use or for their guests. Members of affiliated clubs also may reserve accommodation for their personal use.

2. Reservation shall be made by the Manager / Office subject to availability and on the basis of first come first served. Reservation for periods in excess of thirty days at a time shall only be made with the prior approval of the committee. A request for a reservation may be rejected without any reason being assigned.

3. Reservation of accommodation can be made by telephone followed by letter/fax/e-mail. The communication should contain details such as the name of the guest, date and the time of arrival, date and time by which the room will be vacated, billing name and any other special instructions.

4. Arrival time given at the time of booking will be considered as check-in time and room check-out time is after 24 hrs.

5. Guests may extend their stay to a maximum of 5 hrs. Rs.500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) will be charged (including Tax) extra. This is strictly subject to availability of rooms and prior confirmation (at least 4 hrs. in advance) has to be obtained from the Reception.

6. Booking of all rooms by any one member, for special occasions, for a given period, may be permitted by the Honorary Secretary. For this a written request has to be made by the member, well in advance and is also subject to availability.

7. Cancellation charges shall be fixed by the committee, from time to time.